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Mishaps with the plumber –electrician team

The story with the plumber-electrician’s team had a wrong beginning. The first act posed, le water counter was broken in his hands when he decided to open the water winnow. Well, I’m thinking, there is nothing to whip a cat, the counter was not used since years it was probably normal., but I would see a sign. Because things goes wrong and wrong all through the monts.


This team, I don’t choose. When I’m thinking back I never see the entreprise, bad calculation! I would bite my hands. Cause I was in face of the Family Adams and the events where not sad…


After the broken counter, there was the lost of time because they don’t came on the building site. The delay much long, the bills to pay, installation delaying…I’m a little getting on my nerves. Allways in my politics where getting nerves cause aggressivity and innefficiency at work or work baldy done. I decided to stay zen but to let my Agatha’s eyes watching acts of these team.


At least, end of June, they were coming to work. Just before the placement of the partition and the ceiling. The tension was real high between the carpenter team and them. The first one would go on and the other prefere to take free time. There is a lot of electricity in the air. More, the first team was very carefull finishing properly the day work and the other one was the opposite. It was not Feng Shui!


As this team was coming on thuesday and wednesday, in view to manage the good craftmans, because stress at work is very bad, I was coming in the evening to clean and taking out the bier or win bottles and the rest of lunch… Good work that!


After that, there was the oultets problem. I had made map with the place for them, normal, it’s much easy, as I’m the worker of this office. Functionnel woman, the idleness let me avoid useless steps, I’m always searching the much more fast way. Yes, I like to do something else than to spend time to lost my time.


Than come back to the outlets : The work was correctly done for the major part, except in the stair, which was not yet in place at this time.



Mee : I call you Boss, because I have a problem with the outlets and the switchs.

Boss: (Getting fast on nerves…) I don’t understand! You change the plan all the time, we do what you say.

Me: OK for the major part, but there is some problem, it is not working.

Boss: Always getting on his nerves, It is not possible, everything is in place as you say.

Me: allways quiet: we will see the plan.

Boss: I don’t find it, You take it and I don’t recovered it.

Mee: Asking myself how he can follow a plan that he had not…I’m surprised, I had done one exemplar for you and another for the master. Can you look in your folder?

Boss: no, no, no, I don’t have it, but opening his folder he fall on the plan. Hee!

Me: Well, now I proposed you to do a round with me. With a sweet and persuasive voice. I really want to care the hearth of this Man.


Here we go to do the round, I cunningly begin by whath is working well, just to let in being in good disposition. And here he is trying each switch and outlet. We climb the stair.

Me : You see it’s great, there is an outlet for the light in the stair.

Boss: I told you it was well done.

Me: (in my-self, just wait an see how I will catch you) Goes on climb the stairs, please. He si climbing and I let him see that at the top of the stair there is an outlet! I say outlet to be said two holes to place something in and not this small switching wich is acting like in “The visitors's movie”: Day-Night when pushing on. He see nothing. He don’t understand my desagreement. I insist and tell him and now that we are upstair, how do we do to close the light?


Boss: There is only to push….Hee… this is not working! (The other swith is three meters far and is for the kitchen)

Me: How do we do then ? With smiling from my near victory!

Boss: Wel…I don’t know…

Me : It is simple we can go down…

Boss: Yes, it’s more easy…

Me: But then we climb in the dark…

Boss: scraping his head…..

Me: (And I don’t finish, wait the rest) It is not easy!

Boss: It will be easy for the cleaning lady, for the aspirator.

Me: there he stop me, I don’t want this lady with the aspirator in the stairs, it is dangerous. There is a lot of accidents due to that ( no what…!)


Me : And the pipe here down, what is it ?

Boss: for the wash crockery !

Me: Oh, you had previous to offer me this machine?

Boss : Well not

Me : I don’t ask it !

Boss: All right, take it it is good for you.

Me: The outlets above the work table, are not working I try it.

Boss: HOW? With what ? I will test it. Hee, they are not working.

Me : You take notes , to remember everything ?


On the same way:

Me : And to light the kitchen how are we doing?

Boss: WHAT how are we doing?

Me: Yes, there is no light in the kitchen! Nothing above the work table.

Boss: Showing is bad faith! See here! He show me the light of the stair three meter far.

Me: MMM, even the day would be there it’s ok, but in the night….How do we do?

Boss: Again getting on his nerves, yes, yes, it must be done again, it is much work.

Me: (I let the pot boiling, I still don’t finish with him) and for the witch ?

Boss: Moving his arms upstairs, yes, now the partition are placed, it’s the fault of the carpenter, he must wait. I cannot change anything!


Me: It’s not finished, I also have a problem with the hood: where it is?

Boss: WHAT THE HOOD? It is here? (he is searching there is a hole in the wall near the stair)

Me: cunningly, I recognized the fact, always quiet, it is why he is getting on his nerves. It must be very powerfull to aspirate the cooking smelt!

Boss :????


Me : And more, that must not be to powerfull because there is not reason the heat ? It would be not easy to find such a hood !

Boss: WhatWhatisit?

Me: Well, See, the hood is on the right and the cooking table is on the opposite wall on the left, it wouldn’t be practical!

Boss : furious, you still change the plan…(of course it must be the fault of somebody)

Me: Look to the plan…

Boss: Yes, heee, I don’t understand, How do we do?

Me : Peacefull, we do nothing, We don’t place a hood and I will open the windows. Yet, you had placed a super turbo AMV witch is aspiring everything, than if we add a hood, we go to put fire in the house.

Boss: The AMV, it’s obliged!

Me: Ok, but is it normal that it is doing so much nose than a 2 CV?

Boss : I don’t ear it !

Me: My poor man, you must visit a ORL, I think you have some ear problems.

Boss: inoperant


At this point is coming a third person, the building site chief. The following is totally involuntary.


The chief : What is this noise that we ear when coming in ?

Me: (inside rolf)


The chief: it must be your AMV, it must vibrate, you must change of place. How do you attach it?

Boss: I don’t know!

The chief: Let’s go to see.. he take the scale and climb. He open the trap door and says: aaaaaaaaah yesand go down.

Boss is climbing …well it is not well done..It is not difficult we must arrange it!

Me: and the rest also.

Boss: Well, I’m living you, I have an appointement.

The chief: I’m waiting you this afternoon…

Boss: Well, not I don’t have any time, and so

The chief: You will find it!

And of the episode: Boss is coming to arrange the problems.

But it was not finished: Family Adams would knock again!

13 Feng Shui workplace


Coating and wax application


The underlayer painting are posed since weeks. Caoting must be posed on the walls. I desire a natural material becoming nice with time passing. The lime coating that could be patinated with wax have my preference since long time.


To pose it was not so difficult, we just need arm oil and the hand hability. Once the habit taking, the plaster slide easily. I baught 460 kg and posed around 380 kg for me alone. That make some muscles.


waow I'm more surely look like that

About price : It is very needy to compare, the shops so supposed low price are not exactly. Much more, there is some promo and you can earn some kilos more. It is beter to compare and see what it is giving by kilos.

About output: I prefer to keep the same article until the end.


After that : the material being very well prepared and the underlayer posed, you have just to spread out. Pull out extremely if you like a sand style. I wih something much more rough and thick so I put a good layer. The time of drying is much more long than this one indicated on the pots. August was very rainy, the coating was not drying. I was working on the 1st floor the all month.


The floor coating was in place and not drying also. Windows wide open, to my sense there was much more humidity outside than inside. No possibility to work on the ground floor. Nor to posed the tiles. At least the craftsman, had rent a drying machine, wich had turn night and day during 3 weeks!


It persit a major problem and without scaffolding, I don’t see how to attack it. The rear wall pinion has is point at 7.80m. even if I spring like a kangoroo, how to attack the wall with the coating ? I need the two arms to make an efficient work. And the pot? 

Thanks, Alan was coming to help me, we charge the boards in the truck of his farm. We posed it on the floor and after the scale. No place to scaffolding normaly. We both we attack the pinion. Both it is going much more fast! This is a good team, he take the coating out and I draw the form.

For the drawing it is needy to wait 10 minutes the coating must be a little bit dry. After that, you can choose your tool. I draw someone with the plaster, other one with a brush for wall paper to do a smooth aspect.


September is coming, I continue the down part. One week-end I was busy to work and who I see coming?
Alan Gaëtan, Michel… “we come to help you!” All right, we replace the scaffoliding and Alan and me continue the walls. Michel began to prepared some coffers that the Family Adams let us and Gaëtan make an accurate survey of the quality of the sansdpappering. Girls were coming with the picnics and after work, meat, work…


During the week the carpenter was coming for the ceiling ans the team electrician-plumber continue it’s silly things. The floor was dry now so the tile-layer alos start his work. He does a wonderfull job. Half-september we saw the middle of the story.


When all the coating were dry, I start to wax them. I had engaged the young girls, Julie and Claire. Story to go more fast in view to open in octobre. This teenagers have done a lot of work !


For the following, I must tell a short story,

in the village we had a wedding, there is an old tradition that will that we put the married out of the bed to offer a onion soup.

How do we do? We try to obtain the key of the house to surprise them, if not we arrive without noise and after we are in front of the house we do a lot of uproar, until they emerge. They open the door and offer us a drink. Generaly they have nothing so we keep them in the house of one of us. Each one has take a salad, cheese, meat or onion soup and also cakes and drinks. After that we spend a good time, it’s great and this is creating links and friendship.


During the evening, they all joke about the renovation and I provok them by inviting them to help me following morning to place the wax on the walls.
As reward, a great meat. The girls say: We come!   


The sunday morning I was at work: “good foot, good eye”, I wax, I wax. Who  see I arriving? Vero, Bérangère, Isabelle, Julie, Josée, Juliette with the basic equipment for professionnel wax girls. Here, we are 7 ladys busy to wax the walls. And very efficient. The noon everything was finished or nearly. Well, now the total of the walls is 200 m² It’s great, thank you girls.


Waxes, they are fabulous, they are changing with the light and it is very confortable. The girls had roared when I was preparing the color, but I knew what I want. I use liquid wax with pigments, it is my favourite one. After that we apllied it with old toilets gloves. The coatting used fabric.


The more dark colors are the more difficult to applied, we see immediatly the connection, so I do so draws inside to drown the all. More light, more easy.


Of course the colors, were choosing following the plans establish with Feng Shui.




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