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1. A Feng Shui workplace

The idea to find a workplace correspondant with my view, was in my mind for a while. I was searching since months without finding the ideal place when cames a proposition for an innocupied place in a small city. The mayor franckly says that there is a lot of work to do and the roof is an emergency. He gives me the keys and time to see with the craftsman.




First part: The facing is huggly, to be replace it spoil the place's harmony, the roof is rotten, the frame is all right.

The shutters are metal-made, scotched to the wood of windows. The windows are rotten, Yhe crnices are quite well, but who knows? The main door is not usefull for a shop, to much closed, it must be change.



The side wall is worst. A pvc door was added, somes of the granit stones around the windows are digested by sieckness. The acces on the side is made by a step.

Bof Bof bof...who care?
Poitou's construction in granite stones.
Canal tilles, génoise. And behind the rough coat ???? What's up dad ?   

Let’s see inside the building


2. Discovering the inside


Second part …when discovering the inside….waoooow Where I’m ?

Vacant since years, the house was used during sometimes for a post office and library, also to store basket balls, flowers stands….ans mouses.

Here, the main entrance. I told you it was huggly! The buckets are for the water falling down in "natural shower" from the roof.


Here is the library. What we can't see on the pictures: the state of the ceiling.

Continue to visit by the brushes wall cupboard..mmm Harry Poter isn't there!

The worst is not yet arrived, the kitchen and the rest....It's dark isn't it? Even there is a door on the lateral side.
Watch, there is a door, with a wall inside, a supposed way to cross on the front of the house.

No there are no rats....Cowards. I was not afraid to climb this shaking stair and you?

This one is the main stair, all rotten. I will let you show the rest of the visit later. It's worst and worst.

3. First visit upstair

Step by step we climb the main stair, it's huggly, buckets all along the steps. " SInging in the rain, just singing in the rain..."

 I give you a moment to imagine the rest....We can dream about an oriental palace, one fortress, one tea house...
Comes in... take a look inside, watch to the floor.
There, this door is the bathroom
We call this "Italian shower" 
Do you like to see more ? Let's go
And the ceiling, how are they ?
Yes, yes, yes...like that!

I show you the following?
You remember this small stair at the rear? I was not affraid to climb on

Yeahhhhhh the winner is.......
 All right stop to joke, What I'm doing with this????????
Yet, I'm searching my compass, story to not loose the South

. Feng Shui trick
, the chinese compass or Luo Pan has the North in the place of the South and the South in the place of the North, you follow me? No, don't mind,



4. The surrounding

A short visit of the site is needed. The main road has a high level of traffic, but is separated from the house by an island allowing the car's parking.



From left to right, the main road, the party's room, the park, the ancient wall of the clergyman's house, the church and again the main road and the shops at the right hand. (no visible) It's a very nice place, pleasant, open and with a very good Feng Shui. The

problem is the house who was proposed, it's making the site inharmonious.

Let's  go with the compass.

I take my Luo Pan, my time and the degrees. I trace the map of the house, draw my notes and my cuts. The Ba Gua is posed.

Facing: You/Mao

Construction's date: 2006, the roof must be replaced, the hearth of the house would be naked and there would be "exchange between Heaven and Hearth" so Period 8.

The professional purpose of this house: A space for Health and energies. The 4 at the entrance can gives muscles and noun. Exactly what is needed!

A big problem persisting: The favorable energy of the Period 8 is imprisoned at the rear in the walls. There is few perspective of prosperity for the future. But a remedy is perfectly possible.

Decision is taking: So let's see the craftsman and the bank.


Caution: A correct Feng Shui analysis must be done with the compass. An accurate measurement of the Facing and the Sitting is necessary to obtain a correct result. Some one pretends that they "feel if a construction is good" and become expert from one day to another. Some others say that common sense is enough. I know people with a wonderful intuition able to find the exact place to improve much more problems they have in their life.

Intuition and common sense are two qualities that someone could be gifted and are very useful in a lot of circumstances of the all day's life or professional. Those qualities are the first level of a study, but cannot be sufficient to do an advanced analysis. Years of observations and study allow the Ancients to codify the Art of Feng Shui, a true professional based is study on this principles.


5. Then negociations...saler, bank and craftsman


Tightened budget as usual, yeees for me evrything costing more than 10 dollars is too expansive !! I know it is not working each time..I try anyway. And the worst is that I want quality for this price! So I firmly negociate, the much tightened, I discover in myself wild abbility to negociate. So I arrive to obtain what I want..a lower price for a building to renovate entirely.


Then, you need to find professional, cause me I can't. For Feng Shui it's ok but for the roof, the walls (though, I do sometimes) electricity, partitions, plumbery...denada me I cannot. Anyway, this building must be accessible to public, so there is a lot of normalizes. And an amount of papers!


For the receipt you need:


A  project supervisor whose treathening : such problems as request for works, normalizes, security and hygiene's commission, building authorisation, opening of the work, closing of the work, declaration model CBD, pictures, dimension, map, water arriving, explaning notices...I' done a lot, but he "doesn't stole his job". The agreement was good, so he also had followed the building site, at least WE had follow from near.


The craftsman..major problem. It is a must to have a part of luck to find the craftsman who understand what you want. I desire, being natural the much more, something simple following by something being economicaly weak when using. Feng Shui? I don't speak about, enough that I'm a women...so I impose what I want.


And finally a huge  problem, a confident craftsman respecting delay and work to be done. I had a "Lucky hand" for the first two, two pearls. For the next (I wouldn't say the name) it was the Adam's Family. Let see later..



So you add :

A mason, a tiles roofer and a zinc worker

A carpenter

A plumber

An electrician

A painter

A decorator

A dressmaker

A serigraphist
and all the workers of each corps, there is a lot of people here..

6. The roof

The work on the roof started. it was time, one winter more and everything was down.

The old canal tiles called " boot's branch" (because they where formed on the boot of the craftsman) where all deposited. To stay in the Poitevin's style, they where replaced by a canalaverou tile. Very nice, imitation of ancient, in terra cota, but the superior' s and inferior 's level adjusted very well together. The "boot's branch" is nice, but the problem is that when a cat is jumping on the roof, a truck shaking  the house or the wind sliding under the tiles, they move. You must climb on the roof to reajust them, otherwhise there are escapes.

The zinc gutters are already made, the "genoise" preserved of course. In the past it has a function of gutter but actually they are just decoration.

                                                                      the genoise   

The two windows in the roof : a well of light 
The workers being on the roof, they took the time to create the 2 velux. Very important in Feng Shui. No...not the velux!..the placement of course.

You remember ? It was like that!
And this is becoming this: Welcome *8
There is a lot of work

7. They attack the Facing

The mason and his workers attack the old huggly rough coat.

The stones are stripped. Surprise...they are nice. On the main facing, the joints would be done with lime. Traditionnal manner. 

The lateral facing, is a little bit defective. On this side, we have made the choice of a compromise between two. Entire new rough coat.

The granite stones arround the windows are sanded.
The windows are posed, Aluminium, blue Vendee's color painted and double glazzing.

Renaissance's details

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